It’s All About The Music

Today’s song is:

Still Blue

I’m changing the structure around here this week. The weekly song will be getting the main spotlight, coming before everything else. I noticed that many people are reading the posts, but not downloading the music, and this blog is, above all, about the MUSIC, MY music.

Anyway, I was supposed to discuss song structure this week, so I’ll go a little into that.

Most pop music is basically a variation of the intro/verse/chorus/verse/chorus/bridge-middle eigth/chorus/outro. You may see variations like intro/verse/verse/chorus/verse/chorus/solo/chorus/outro and others, but it’s basically the same. Most pop songs that seem on the surface to stray from this *rule*, in deeper analysis, are a variation of the same thing.

It’s nothing set in stone, at least not to me. You can write your songs without thinking of anything like that, as I personally do. It’s only as an afterthought that I analyse whether my songs have intros and bridges and fancy stuff like that. I’m getting more into doing it on purpose now because I’m actually studying other people’s songwriting styles and their songs’ structures.

If you’re writing pop music, I’d advise you pay special attention to your chorus parts. I don’t. And that’s something I’m trying to change. There’s nothing like a catchy chorus to give a song some afterlife in the memories of listeners.

Writing music has always been a very intuitive process for me, and I’ve never gone further than thinking “this sounds good, I need something else to go with it” when composing. It doesn’t have to be this or any other way. It can be whatever works for you. I’ve been doing it that way, but I’m trying to do it with a bit more method now, pondering song structures and the overall effect the song will have on listeners.

I’ve always been more concerned with pleasing myself when writing, but if I’m going to actually subject other people to what I write, I might as well be a little accomodating. To many that may sound like selling out, but I think of it as being a good host. I’m inviting people into my imagination when I let them hear my music, and I might as well offer them a chair during the visit. A reasonably comfy one is the probably ideal. Neither a box for people to sit on nor a fluffy sofa. Just make sure they don’t fall sleep.

Now have a sit.


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