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Brand New Day

Monday is new song day at the Weather Sensitive lair. So inkeeping with my original plan, I’m posting song number three today.

This is another one of those click-through-arrangements, like the other two I already posted. It was all done within Cakewalk Sonar with soft synths, the b-4 organ plug in and soundfonts, so everything you hear in this recording apart from guitar, bass and vocals is digital.

I have nothing against real instruments, in fact I’d love to have done this recording with a few thousand-dollar tube mics on live drums and some vintage gear, like a real B-3 organ, and some analog synths like a Prophet or a Moog Opus. But, alas, I lack the wherewithal.

However, that has (partially) changed since I now am the proud owner of a vintage Farfisa Mini Compact (that I actually had to do a lot of work on, but that’s for another post) and a snazzy piece of digi-analog sound called an Alesis Micron. I love those two pieces of gear. You can’t hear them on this recording, though. That’s reserved for a future and more recent recording.

This particular tune was recorded a couple of years ago, but is only now surfacing because I have been away from music for about a year, and previously I had my mind set on releasing this (and the other songs I posted previously) as a solo record. I have actually already released a solo song in the compilation “Hey, Where’d the Summer Go” on Humblebee Recordings under the name Adélie. I’ll probaly post that tune here in the near future, as it’s a great song, and not many people have heard it. It actually deserves a proper release for itself, as I think most of the songs in this blog do. That is why I plan on re-recording them in the future.

Back to the song of the day, this one is also a number I’m firmly intent on including in an upcoming release, as it’s one of the first I recorded all by myself. Yes, all you hear in this is yours tryly, playing guitar and bass, clicking away at the sequencer and singing. This is one tune that I’m also planning to make into a video that will probably be surfacing on youtube or wherever soon.

Anyway, you now know a lot more than you did before about this song and my gear, so let’s get to the fun part:

When You’re Not Here


Postal Blue video

I don’t want to take away the attention from the totally new and absolutely unreleased song that I just posted two days ago, but I have come accross the realization that not many people have ever seen Postal Blue in action. So I decided to showcase this video shot by a friend at our very first show a couple of years ago.

It was at a quite large venue, incidentally, which added a lot of tension to our debut. I was actually freaking out there, unable to look at the audience, partly because there were these freaking strong stage lights straight into my face, but also because I wanted to run away from all the eyes following my moves, waiting for me to stumble just to snicker. You can tell how nervous I was by how wobbly I sound, which doesn’t take away from my realization that live I sound a LOT like Arthur Lee circa Forever Changes.

Besides my nearly disastrous performance, our first show went down mostly uneventfully, thank goodness. I wish I had some more footage of that day. This wasn’t even uploaded by any of the band members. If anyone out there has Postal Blue live footage, which I doubt, send it my way or post it somewhere.

Anyway, I promise you won’t hear from me again until Monday, when I’ll upload another brand new song (with vocals this time), and when I shall reveal all the details of our next release, which should be coming very very soon. Much sooner than anyone (even I) expected.