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I’m On My Way Home…

Ok, so I’ve been kept from blogging this week, and I’ve actually taken the chance to avoid recording anything too. Yeah, how stupid is that. I haven’t done much musically these days except for learning a bunch of songs on guitar. I’m teaching myself to play fingerpicking acoustic guitar. Youtube has been of much help, as there are plenty of great musicians who post videos of their playing there. You can just do a search on a song you want to learn, and up comes a demo of it.

So far I’ve learned a bunch of Beatles, Beach Boys and some good old bossa nova. I’ve also taken the time to learn a bunch of Prefab Sprout songs by ear. Not as hard as I expected, especially if you tune your guitar down a half-step in many cases.

As an update to my laptop situation, I’ve sent it to the shop, and I should get it back next Wednesday. I’ll try and post a new song the day I get it back. In case anyone’s wondering, it cost me about R$650 which is about $400. Ouch. I could have bought a new guitar or something with that money. Or a bunch of books and records. Oh, well…

100 reais bill